As of March 2017, 2.5 million people under the age of 18 have been forced to leave their homes and their schooling. Children are deprived of their education due to the refugee crisis.  By sponsoring this program, education can be more easily accessed by those who otherwise would be left without schooling. These students have the potential to change the world.  

Our goal to provide hope with our two-fold EDUCATION TOOL KIT.

Physical Component:

This portion consists of a pizza box shaped kit that will be brought directly to youth living in refugee camps. The kit will contain school supplies and physical lesson plans for leaders to present and teach to the students grades K-12.

Online Component:

Our website prep4peace.org features lesson plans and videos that are available in all countries. These plans will mirror what is sent out in the physical kits and will feature discussion boards and help centers for the students to receive the one-on-one help they need to prosper.

Our Team
George Anthony, MDP Global Leaders Advisor


Mr. Anthony, M.Ed., has led the program since its inception. He is an accomplished educator and conflict resolution specialist and the primary representative for UN DPI/NGO Pathways to Peace. Mr. Anthony is also co-chair of the International Day of Peace UN Education Peace Team. He is certified in mediation by Columbia University, the National Institute for Dispute Resolution, and the New York City Board of Education. He has trained teachers, administrators, social workers, guidance personnel, and others in conflict management.


Mr. Anthony has been featured nationally and regionally on news programs and is quoted in newspaper articles focusing on bullying and conflict resolution. He has produced award-winning videos about tolerance, leadership, and diversity and is the co-author of many publications, including “Stand Up & Lead: Curriculum Guide” featuring strategies for addressing bullying in the classroom and creating supportive learning environments for all.

Abigail O'Sullivan, Co-Student Director

Abigail O'Sullivan is a youth representative of Pathways To Peace. She has been a part of this program since her freshman year. Being part of Mater Dei Prep's Global leaders has helped her find a new passion. By working at the United Nations, she now has a platform to fight for what she believes in.

Cathrine Volk, Co-Student Director

Cathrine Volk is the student director of the Global Leaders Institute and has served as an advocate delegate for the Commission on the Status of Women 65. As student director, she works with the other students to delegate and accomplish tasks. She ensures things get done well and on schedule. Cathrine is passionate about American politics and achieving gender equality. 


Garrett Nolan, Pathways To Peace Governing Board

Garrett Nolan is on the Pathways To Peace Governing Board. He is honored to take place in such a great program as Global Leaders. It has allowed him to take an active role in the world United Nations community.

Mia Rodriguez, Pathways To Peace Governing Board

Mia Rodriguez is on the Pathways To Peace Governing Board. She is a Pathways to Peace representative and focused on achieving racial and gender equality. She also wants to help the environment in any way that she can. Mia believes that it’s important to give voices to those who can’t speak for themselves and bring light to situations that the world chooses to ignore. As the future generation of leaders, Mia believes that it’s our job to lead the change. 

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