The Prep4Peace team is excited to share our lessons plans with you. We are enrolling a new system of access in order to streamline the process of obtaining lesson plans and downloading them straight to your personal device.

The Education Tool Kit is now hosted on Google Drive. Google Drive is a free program that allows users to access documents and pages from around the world. This is the perfect home for our kit because it allows all users equal access.

How do I view the lesson plans?

To view the lesson plans, simply click on the button above which will bring you to the ETK Google Drive page. From there, simply find the level and topic of the lessons you are looking for.

How are the lessons separated?

Prep4Peace is moving away from the traditional K-12 model and is instead separating the various lessons into High School/Upper Level, Elementary/Lower Level, and Misc. All students learn at different paces, and there is no limit to how the plans can be used. Thus, splitting the levels in this way allows teachers and educators to work with their students on a more personal basis to develop their educational track.

I am unable to access the lesson plans. Now what?

If you are unable to access the lesson plans on Google Drive, or need help planning your curriculum, please email elizabeth.sheridan@prep4peace.org, or message prep4peace@gmail.com.

I would like to donate lessons. How can I do this?

If you would like to donate lessons to the ETK, please either use the "Let's Chat" button in the right-hand lower corner, or email ganthony4@aol.com.

I would like to help with the program, but have no lessons to donate. How can I get involved?

If you would like to join the Education Tool Kit in bringing education to all students worldwide, please message us either on the "Let's Chat" button in the right-hand corner, or by emailing elizabeth.sheridan@prep4peace.org. We are in need of translators, graphic designers, and tutors.